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My name is Abhishek Ravi and I’m a 3rd year Mechatronics Engineering Student at the University of Waterloo. As long as I can remember, I have always had a burning desire to understand how many of the pieces of technologies that we take for granted, function. This natural curiosity inspired me to join Mechatronics Engineering as it provides a very multidisciplinary outlook. I’m fascinated about the integration of electrical, mechanical, and software components and am continuing to grow my skills through co-ops and projects. I’m looking forward to tackling your next real-world problem. Scroll down to learn more about the projects I have worked on!
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4A Academic Term

Courses: Database Systems, Digital Control Systems, Conflict Resolution, Entrepreneurship for Social Impact, Final Design Project

January 2017


Software Engineering Intern

Excited to start my new journey in Seattle working on the Evidence.com platform.

January 2018

3B Academic Term

Courses: Fluid Mechanics 1, Electromechanical Machine Design, Automatic Control Systems, Mechatronics Engineering Design Workshop, Engineering Economics: Financial Management for Engineers

September 2017


Software Developer, Image Processing & Computer Vision

Oxilight is a start-up focusing on an innovative wound imaging technology. Unlike other medical devices, Oxilight does not require expensive hardware, but instead uses a very intelligent, patented approach to diagnose the healing process of wounds. Here, I single-handedly designed and built an iOS application from scratch to move this technology to a mobile platform. The mobile app uses an clip-on external flash with strict specifications, and can essentially allow users to perform the wound imaging procedure with just an iPhone. The job involved heavy image processing work using OpenCV, and apple’s native Core Graphics library. Additionally, I worked with object detection using OpenCV methods such as hough transform and image classifiers, to auto-detect wounds and reference objects. In the four months, I was able to complete the implementation of the iOS app, gaining a solid understanding of image processing techniques, and iOS app development methodologies. I also got an opportunity to redesign the backend schema and architect a Flask-based REST API for future platforms.

May 2017

3A Academic Term

Courses: Thermodynamics, Microprocessors and interfacing, Kinematics of Machine, Power Electronics and Actuators, System Modelling

January 2017

TD Lab

Innovation Developer, Data Science

TD Lab was a very unique experience. It is a separate team, externally located from TD main office, dedicated to enforcing a start-up culture and driving innovation. The team consisted of mainly co-ops and really gave us freedom to explore new technologies. Me and another co-op collaboratively created an analytical tool for mobile reviews. It used a combination of powerful NLP techniques including collocation analysis, sentiment analysis, and name-entity recognition to generate a list of the most useful reviews. These reviews often highlighted important complaints or praises for the application. I also gained experience training supervised machine learning classifiers to auto-detect application features mentioned in reviews. Overall, the analytics tool was able to process 150 000 reviews, detect key features mentioned in the reviews, and highlight most useful reviews for each feature, making it a great researching tool for project managers.

September 2016

2B Academic Term

Courses: Sensors and Instrumentation, Advanced Calculus, Signals and Systems, Real-time OS, Numerical Methods

May 2016

IBM Canada

Software Developer, Watson Analytics

Despite having to endure the freezing winters of Ottawa, IBM was an incredible experience. Here I worked as a software developer for the Watson Analytics team. Being the only co-op in the team, I had great responsibility and was treated as full-time employee. During my term at IBM, Watson analytics was getting redesigned and for the most part built from scratch. All my work was feature development for the new version, working with a NodeJS stack. I got to implement many front-end as well as server-side features, and really gained an understanding for good programming practices in industry.

January 2016

2A Academic Term

Courses: Statistical Methods, Ordinary Differential Equations, Digital Logic, Dynamics and Kinematics, Mechanics of Deformable Solids

September 2015

Rakuten Kobo

Quality Analyst, Mobile Apps

Rakuten Kobo was my very first co-op term and really kicked off my career! Here, I played a key role in the QA team testing all three mobile platforms including android, iOS, and windows devices. I gained valuable experience working in a fast-paced agile environment with multiple software releases taking place during my time here. This term gave me early exposure to the software industry, where I spend some time after work hours taking a look at the codebase and learning on my own. During my term, our android app was able to achieve the Google’s Top Developer batch on the Play Store, and our Windows app increased in star rating by two stars.

May 2015

1B Academic Term

Courses: Algorithms and Data Structures, Calculus 2, Structure and Properties of Materials, Statics, Circuits

January 2015

Joined Mechatronics Engineering Program, 1A Academic Term

Courses: Chemistry for Engineers, Digital Computation, Linear Algebra, Intro to Mechatronics Engineering

September 2014
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