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My name is Abhishek Ravi and I’m a 3rd year Mechatronics Engineering Student at the University of Waterloo. As long as I can remember, I have always had a burning desire to understand how many of the pieces of technologies that we take for granted, function. This natural curiosity inspired me to join Mechatronics Engineering as it provides a very multidisciplinary outlook. I’m fascinated about the integration of electrical, mechanical, and software components and am continuing to grow my skills through co-ops and projects. I’m looking forward to tackling your next real-world problem. Scroll down to learn more about the projects I have worked on!
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Software Developer, image processing and computer vision

May 2017

3A Academic Term

Courses: Thermodynamics, Microprocessors and interfacing, Kinematics of Machine, Power Electronics and Actuators, System Modelling

January 2017

TD Lab

Innovation Developer, Data Science

September 2016

2B Academic Term

Courses: Sensors and Instrumentation, Advanced Calculus, Signals and Systems, Real-time OS, Numerical Methods

May 2016

IBM Canada

Software Developer, Watson Analytics

January 2016

2A Academic Term

Courses: Statistical Methods, Ordinary Differential Equations, Digital Logic, Dynamics and Kinematics, Mechanics of Deformable Solids

September 2015

Rakuten Kobo

Quality Analyst, Mobile Apps

May 2015

1B Academic Term

Courses: Algorithms and Data Structures, Calculus 2, Structure and Properties of Materials, Statics, Circuits

January 2015

Joined Mechatronics Engineering Program, 1A Academic Term

Courses: Chemistry for Engineers, Digital Computation, Linear Algebra, Intro to Mechatronics Engineering

September 2014
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